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March 27, 2008: Twitter Tools, Tweaks and Theories
Comments: 37 | Categories: Blog Tools , Reviews , Typelists + Sidebars , Web 2.0 , Widgets
I have to preface this post with a confession: The first time I heard about blogging, my response was "That's the dumbest @$%#&%$ thing I've ever heard of. Why the hell would I want to do that?" I said the... Read full article

May 1, 2007: Cool New Comment Notification emails
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Layout + Design , News , Typelists + Sidebars

I love the new format… Not only is it prettier, but it seems much more functional than the old style of comment notification.... Also, I way blew it on reporting the last big design change that dealt with TypeLists… If you haven't looked at your lists in the last month or so, there are a lot of major improvements to the TypeList interface. especially the ability to easily see the correct code for adding them to Advanced Template blogs (under the Publish tab). A quick tip I've been meaning to share: When you go to the Publish Tab for any Typelist, there's a list of links to all your advanced templates sets.... When I work on a redesign for those sites, it's handy to be able to easily open the design page for each blog by clicking the links on the TypeList Publish tab.

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January 6, 2007: Customized Headline Animator from FeedBurner
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Hacks for RSS , Reviews , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets
I've been playing with a few things lately, trying to create a widget linking to all the hack tutorials here on the site. I'd love to be able to hand other bloggers a bit of sidebar bling they could use... Read full article

December 6, 2006: More TypeList Hacks for Organization
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Agenda Updates , Hacks for Typelists , Typelists + Sidebars
Here are two more requested features from the Agenda Page that can be fixed by editing the Description Field for your TypeLists: It should be possible to see which blogs each TypeList is attached to from the "your TypeLists" page.... Read full article

December 6, 2006: Easier Ways to Add New TypeLists to Advanced Template Blogs
Comments: 1 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Agenda Updates , Hacks for Typelists , Typelists + Sidebars
One of the requested features on the Agenda Page reads: The "Your TypeLists" page should display the file name used by the system to identify the TypeList in advanced templates. Just as TypePad automatically creates permalink URLs for each post... Read full article

December 5, 2006: How to Make TypeLists Without Titles
Comments: 8 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Agenda Updates , Hacks for Typelists , Typelists + Sidebars
One of the requested features on the Agenda Page reads: I would like to be able to make a notes TypeList that does not display a title, only the content. There are times where it might be nice not to... Read full article

December 4, 2006: Organize Your TypeLists by Blog
Comments: 1 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Hacks for Typelists , Typelists + Sidebars
One of the features requested on the Agenda Page reads: Grouping TypeLists by blog would be useful for those who have multiple blogs. A recently posted Knowledge Base article: Organizing TypeLists by Weblog shows an easy way to do this:... Read full article

November 10, 2006: Why the Whole Web is Wild About Widgets: An Introduction
Comments: 3 | Categories: Blog Tools , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets
Widgets are all the rage this week. Let's take a look at what widgets are, why they're popular, how they're likely to change the web and where you can go to get some. What's a Widget? The best definition I've... Read full article

November 6, 2006: Keep Readers Happy With a Fast-Loading Blog, Part One
Comments: 0 | Categories: Hacks for Layout + Design , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets
There are more and more options to add widgets to your blog these days… I'll be posting reviews of some of these services soon, but first I wanted to run a little PSA on how best to use blog widgets... Read full article

August 8, 2006: MajikWidget Adds New Widgets, Improved Control Panel and a Great New Look
Comments: 2 | Categories: Blog Tools , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets

I wrote about MajikWidget when they first launched and gave them high marks as a We are pleased to announce our newly renovated MajikWidget website and control panel today.... This renovation will also allow us to streamline future widget development and start working toward our goal of releasing a new useful widget every week.... This feature not only allows for these corrections quickly but enables you to get the most value out of all of your individual widgets.... It allows you to quickly scroll through the widget library and locate new widgets to utilize.... By popular demand you can now dynamically list your upcoming Skypecast within your website or blog using our new Skypecast widget.

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