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March 27, 2008: Twitter Tools, Tweaks and Theories
Comments: 37 | Categories: Blog Tools , Reviews , Typelists + Sidebars , Web 2.0 , Widgets
I have to preface this post with a confession: The first time I heard about blogging, my response was "That's the dumbest @$%#&%$ thing I've ever heard of. Why the hell would I want to do that?" I said the... Read full article

December 4, 2007: The Paypal Storefront Widget, The fastest, easiest eCommerce solution for blogs
Comments: 35 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , News , Reviews , TypePad Stores , Web 2.0 , Widgets
The Paypal Storefront Widget which launched today is pretty darn close to the blog eCommerce solution of my dreams. There's a reason for that… which is that I worked closely with the development team that created it. Back in August,... Read full article

August 3, 2007: Blogs as Stores: A Comprehensive Overview of Ecommerce Solutions for Bloggers
Comments: 40 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Blog Tools , Reference , Reviews , TypePad Stores , Web 2.0 , Widgets
When I started TypePad Hacks, one of the things I most wanted was a simple way to integrate e-commerce into TypePad blogs… at the time, probably 30% of my income came from blogging. This year, that number is more like... Read full article

July 11, 2007: New features and a redesign for Authorati
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Reviews , Widgets

Murali has launched a newly redesigned that's so beautiful, it really makes me want to do a new design for the hacks blog! Sadly, my own redesign will have to wait till things slow down here at hacks central, which probably won't happen till winter. Here's a quick list of new Authorati features, cribbed shamelessly from the Authorati blog: Timeline control: You can now view the rated blog posts on the Simile timeline control.... Postoons: Postoons are humorous, satirical titles for imaginary blog posts based on current events and personalities associated with them.... You can also use the richer Authorati widget instead of the badge.

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January 6, 2007: Customized Headline Animator from FeedBurner
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Hacks for RSS , Reviews , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets
I've been playing with a few things lately, trying to create a widget linking to all the hack tutorials here on the site. I'd love to be able to hand other bloggers a bit of sidebar bling they could use... Read full article

January 5, 2007: Cheat Sheets for CSS and HTML
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , CSS , HTML , Reference , Reviews
Mr. Leslie Frank has several great resources available for those of you who either aren't deeply familiar with CSS and HTML, or more likely, just don't hold code in your head all that well. A good cheat sheet is a... Read full article

January 4, 2007: Free Site Stats from FeedBurner: My New Favorite Stats Package
Comments: 5 | Categories: Blog Tools , News , Reviews

Our architecture conversion work after the BlogBeat acquisition is complete, and our free StandardStats service now enables any of our publishers to track both feed and site audience, all from the comfort of your FeedBurner account.... Clicky is actually a brilliant free stats service if you have only one blog (until they come out of beta, they're only allowing users to track one site).... This initial release of site statistics includes: Visitor summary, detail and trends Page summary, detail and trends Referral and Search trends Inbound referral traffic breakdown, grouped by domain and broken out in detail Outbound click breakdown Visitor city cloud and live geographic visitor detail Percentage inbound traffic from search and the queries that drove the traffic Percentage of visitors that are new to your site today Browser and OS breakdown, with trend indicators Detailed historical traffic by page and by date FeedBurner also has some screen shots of the new stats package if you'd like to look before you sign up.... Towards the bottom of their post you'll see the following paragraph: The First of Many Hacks: Filed under lightweight yet handy, here's a "bookmarklet" hack for quick stats access: drag the Page stats link to your browser's toolbar.... I kind of scanned it and thought, "oh yeah, well, easy stats access, blah, blah blah, whatever…" Then I read it a second time and realized that the bookmarklet doesn't just open your stats dashboard— It takes you directly to the stats for any single page/post on your blog!

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December 22, 2006: Blog Tag: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me
Comments: 1 | Categories: Blog Tools , News , Reviews , Widgets

I've been tagged by BL Ochman.

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December 22, 2006: A Look at the New Snipperoo: Where Widgets Will Go in the Next Year
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , News , Reviews , Widgets

He included some great screen shots of a redesign they're working on for the Widget Directory and user interface, generously offering to let me share them with you even though they're still in development.... get a fair bit of insider info these days and I usually don't get to share it until launch day… It's a pleasure to deal with someone who really embodies the ideals of transparency and openness that get so much play in talk about Web 2.0: Consider everything on the record - including the screenshots - though they are a work in progress so to speak so may change a bit.... We will integrate the directory much more closely with the app - and also rebuild the directory so that it previews and links widgets and allows visitors to sign up for widgets from the directory itself. This was the Within the app you will see the introduction of widget sharing between members and outside the app. We are now believers that as widgets get more and more powerful and encompass more and more mashups, a constructed widget will have a lot of value in its own right.... The idea here is that the Snipperoo button is available to any widget producer to integrate without reference to us. We say 'Keep your hands off our widget', i.e. we don't impose any structure or changes on web widgets - they can go into Snipperoo just the way they are built.

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December 3, 2006: All the Widgets in the World
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , News , Reviews , Widgets

If you're using Advanced Templates or Mixed-Media Layouts, you'll need to paste a bit of javascript from widget providers into a Notes style TypeList to run them in your sidebar. That's exactly what makes Snipperoo and Widgetbox so useful… once you've added their code to a TypeList, you can manage your widgets at their site and any changes you make will be instantly reflected on your blog.... There are good clear instructions on the site, and all the widgets can be added to your Widgetbox panels from within the site itself. For some widgets, you may need to have an account with the widget provider, but once you have that set up, you can do everything from within Widgetbox.... In some cases, you can add widgets without having to leave Sniperoo's site, but most of the time you'll go to another site, get a snip of javascript, come back and add it to your panel.

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