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May 21, 2008: New TypePad Compose Window
Comments: 28 | Categories: Changes + Updates , News , TypePad
One of my most frequently requested features has just been added to the Compose screen for TypePad: Text and picture justification tools. Even though it's a really simple thing, it excites me a lot because I generally like to center... Read full article

April 5, 2008: Net Neutrality video from savethe
Comments: 0 | Categories: Community Projects , Info , Issues , News
If you have a blog, you need an internet to get there. I've posed before about Net Neutrality, but if you haven't felt the call yet, check the video below. It explains the basic concepts in a fun way. Read full article

December 4, 2007: The Paypal Storefront Widget, The fastest, easiest eCommerce solution for blogs
Comments: 35 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , News , Reviews , TypePad Stores , Web 2.0 , Widgets
The Paypal Storefront Widget which launched today is pretty darn close to the blog eCommerce solution of my dreams. There's a reason for that… which is that I worked closely with the development team that created it. Back in August,... Read full article

October 22, 2007: Pagination Comes to TypePad!
Comments: 12 | Categories: News , TypePad
I'd say that the most common feature request I've seen since starting TypePad Hacks has been for a way to paginate archive pages with next/previous links. There was really no good way to do that as a hack because of... Read full article

June 1, 2007: 3 Columns Right Layout added to Standard Templates
Comments: 4 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , News
One of the trickier hacks I've spent time on was getting the layout you see here at TypePad Hacks… A three column blog with both sidebars on the right. It's been one of the more popular hacks tutorials, and it's... Read full article

May 1, 2007: Cool New Comment Notification emails
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Layout + Design , News , Typelists + Sidebars

I love the new format… Not only is it prettier, but it seems much more functional than the old style of comment notification.... Also, I way blew it on reporting the last big design change that dealt with TypeLists… If you haven't looked at your lists in the last month or so, there are a lot of major improvements to the TypeList interface. especially the ability to easily see the correct code for adding them to Advanced Template blogs (under the Publish tab). A quick tip I've been meaning to share: When you go to the Publish Tab for any Typelist, there's a list of links to all your advanced templates sets.... When I work on a redesign for those sites, it's handy to be able to easily open the design page for each blog by clicking the links on the TypeList Publish tab.

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January 30, 2007: The New + Improved TypePad Hacks
Comments: 17 | Categories: Changes + Updates , News
Moments ago I pressed the Publish button, revealing the new design I've been working on for this blog. If you're reading this in RSS, please click through and let me know what you think! I'm especially interested in any bugs... Read full article

January 11, 2007: New Features for TypePad!
Comments: 3 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Basic Templates , Changes + Updates , Hacks for Navigation , News , TypePad
I've had an IM window open with Michael Sippey all week, just holding my breath till the moment I could tell you about the new items and changes to the TypePad app that went live last night. The big one... Read full article

January 4, 2007: Free Site Stats from FeedBurner: My New Favorite Stats Package
Comments: 5 | Categories: Blog Tools , News , Reviews

Our architecture conversion work after the BlogBeat acquisition is complete, and our free StandardStats service now enables any of our publishers to track both feed and site audience, all from the comfort of your FeedBurner account.... Clicky is actually a brilliant free stats service if you have only one blog (until they come out of beta, they're only allowing users to track one site).... This initial release of site statistics includes: Visitor summary, detail and trends Page summary, detail and trends Referral and Search trends Inbound referral traffic breakdown, grouped by domain and broken out in detail Outbound click breakdown Visitor city cloud and live geographic visitor detail Percentage inbound traffic from search and the queries that drove the traffic Percentage of visitors that are new to your site today Browser and OS breakdown, with trend indicators Detailed historical traffic by page and by date FeedBurner also has some screen shots of the new stats package if you'd like to look before you sign up.... Towards the bottom of their post you'll see the following paragraph: The First of Many Hacks: Filed under lightweight yet handy, here's a "bookmarklet" hack for quick stats access: drag the Page stats link to your browser's toolbar.... I kind of scanned it and thought, "oh yeah, well, easy stats access, blah, blah blah, whatever…" Then I read it a second time and realized that the bookmarklet doesn't just open your stats dashboard— It takes you directly to the stats for any single page/post on your blog!

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December 22, 2006: Blog Tag: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me
Comments: 1 | Categories: Blog Tools , News , Reviews , Widgets

I've been tagged by BL Ochman.

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