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April 26, 2008: Fresh new design for TypePad Hacks and more!
Comments: 10 | Categories: Info
The new design I've been working on this week just went live, and I'm way, way happy about it! What's changed? Quite a bit: The TypePad a la Carte Code Store is now it's own blog, which means you can... Read full article

April 6, 2008: About TypePad Hacks
Comments: 2 | Categories: Info
This blog has been around long enough for its focus to shift a few times… The core mission of making TypePad rock hasn't really changed, but the methods have shifted a bit. The original manifesto can be found here, but... Read full article

April 6, 2008: About John T Unger
Comments: 0 | Categories: Info
Who am I? If you're looking for a world class expert on TypePad, ask just about anyone and they'll send you to me. I make my primary living as an artist and designer, but because blogging is what made that... Read full article

April 5, 2008: Net Neutrality video from savethe
Comments: 0 | Categories: Community Projects , Info , Issues , News
If you have a blog, you need an internet to get there. I've posed before about Net Neutrality, but if you haven't felt the call yet, check the video below. It explains the basic concepts in a fun way. Read full article

March 5, 2007: Meet me at SXSWi
Comments: 0 | Categories: Info
I'll be at SXSWi in Austin, Texas March 9-13. If you want to get in touch with me at the conference, call me on my cell at 231.584.2710. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and meeting in person with people... Read full article

January 26, 2007: New Design on the Way
Comments: 3 | Categories: Info
I haven't been posting as often lately for two reasons… The first is that I'm working on a redesign for the blog (including some pretty cool new hacks I'll post about once the design goes live). I'm hoping to be... Read full article

May 31, 2006: Project Comet (Renamed Vox) Begins User Testing Tomorrow!
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Community , Info , News , Six Apart , TypePad

From what I can see at TechCrunch, it sort of looks like MySpace with better design control and easier function. The main features appear to be: Vox will be a free service supported by ads (making it a great place for new bloggers to get started).... The platform is entirely design wizard based, with no html access at all, which makes it extremely user-friendly but also limited in terms of design. Integration with Flickr, YouTube and Amazon make it easy to post audio, video, book info, etc. Privacy settings on a post by post basis. Enhanced social networking features I won't go on at any length until I can take it for a spin, but I am kind of excited to try it out.

Read full article

April 27, 2006: Post Your Thoughts on How to Grow the Community Here
Comments: 8 | Categories: Community , Dialogue , Info , Six Apart , TypePad , TypePad Hacks
An interesting offer just came in via the comments on this post: Hi there: I'm Ginevra, the account manager here at Six Apart. I'd love to chat with you a bit about how we can help this community grow -... Read full article

April 25, 2006: Without Net Neutrality, Would Blogs Even Exist?
Comments: 3 | Categories: Community , Dialogue , Info , Issues , News
How would it feel if after all the time you've put in on your blog, it suddenly disappeared from google altogether? And loaded at a crawl if someone actually did know where to find you and wanted to read your... Read full article

April 11, 2006: Now taking Requests (More obviously than Before)
Comments: 190 | Categories: Community , Dialogue , Info , TypePad Hacks
I've had a number of requests come in through comments and emails, which is great. That's exactly how this blog is designed to work. In a recent comment Tom Maddox wrote: I don't understand how this blog serves as a... Read full article

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