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April 2, 2008: Drag Links from firefox sidebar to your TypePad compose window
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Browsers , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Navigation
Just on a hunch, it occurred to me that I might be able to create links in a TypePad post by dragging a bookmark from the sidebar in Firefox to the compose window… you know what? It works! Oh man,... Read full article

June 17, 2007: Building a Better Contact Page with Embedded Google Maps and More…
Comments: 5 | Categories: Blog Tools , Hacks for Layout + Design , Reference
Lately I've been getting a lot of emails asking me where I'm located (because when I'm not writing custom code, I'm shipping heavy art by freight) or wondering how to call me (because I foolishly put the phone number way... Read full article

May 1, 2007: Cool New Comment Notification emails
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Layout + Design , News , Typelists + Sidebars

I love the new format… Not only is it prettier, but it seems much more functional than the old style of comment notification.... Also, I way blew it on reporting the last big design change that dealt with TypeLists… If you haven't looked at your lists in the last month or so, there are a lot of major improvements to the TypeList interface. especially the ability to easily see the correct code for adding them to Advanced Template blogs (under the Publish tab). A quick tip I've been meaning to share: When you go to the Publish Tab for any Typelist, there's a list of links to all your advanced templates sets.... When I work on a redesign for those sites, it's handy to be able to easily open the design page for each blog by clicking the links on the TypeList Publish tab.

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April 19, 2007: How to add content between your blog and the top of the browser
Comments: 9 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Ads , Hacks for Layout + Design
Say you'd like to put an ad banner above the header of your blog, or create a space to call attention to a special event? This is an easy hack to implement in advanced templates. As an example, take a... Read full article

December 27, 2006: How To Add Expanding-Collapsing Menus With Subcategories to your TypePad Blog
Comments: 7 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Navigation , Hacks for Typelists
Drop-down menus with subcategories that can be used in TypeLists is one of the most common feature requests I get. This hack goes out to pieman, who first requested it. See an example of how it looks at in... Read full article

November 16, 2006: Build Community with a Custom Comment Archive Page for Your TypePad Blog
Comments: 12 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Blog Tools , Community , Dialogue , Hacks for Comments , Hacks for Layout + Design , Widgets
Debra Hamel who provided an excellent hack the other day (How To: Display Excerpts Rather Than Full Posts on Your Blog's Archive Pages) has sent me two more cool hacks! Debra rocks! Today I'll show you how to create a... Read full article

November 13, 2006: How To: Display Excerpts Rather Than Full Posts on Your Blog's Archive Pages
Comments: 15 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Agenda Updates , Hacks for Categories , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Navigation
Debra Hamel alerted me in a comment some time ago to a clever hack to she had discovered. Frustrated by the load time of long archives, she found a way to manipulate her template code so that it displays a... Read full article

November 7, 2006: Keep Readers Happy With a Fast-Loading Blog, Part Two
Comments: 6 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Typelists , Widgets

The simplest solution is to encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog's feed and read your posts in RSS… But of course, when they do that, they don't see your nifty widgets at all, nor any of the rest of the site design you've worked so hard on. Also, not everyone understands RSS (for a truly brilliant explanation, you might want to put a link to How to explain RSS the Oprah way below your subscribe button).... The hacks described in the extended entry of this post will show you how to create a fast-loading blog that matches the overall design of your blog while stripping out the slow bits.... How to create a fast-loading secondary blog: Fred's second solution for slow page loads is a little more work to set up, but is a really great idea: He created a second blog that mirrored his content.... Rick answered my question with the following: We have a commercial publisher front-end to FeedBurner-hosted feeds called FeedFoundry, and one of the features of FeedFoundry is the ability to create custom XSLT pages that will style a feed.... What you'll want to do is create a copy of the index page and sidebar templates for your blog based on your current design, and edit out the items that slow down load speeds.

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November 6, 2006: Keep Readers Happy With a Fast-Loading Blog, Part One
Comments: 0 | Categories: Hacks for Layout + Design , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets
There are more and more options to add widgets to your blog these days… I'll be posting reviews of some of these services soon, but first I wanted to run a little PSA on how best to use blog widgets... Read full article

July 18, 2006: How To: Place AdSense Ads In A Header at the Top of Your TypePad Blog
Comments: 8 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Google , Hacks for Ads , Hacks for Layout + Design
Rich Owings sent me a hack for putting AdSense Ads at the top of TypePad blogs. He based it on my tutorial here for top level navigation menus, and also credits Gary at the Digital Point CSS forum, for helping... Read full article

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