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February 8, 2007: Rank Better in Google by Adding Dynamic Title Tags to your TypePad Blog
Comments: 24 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Google
Phil Van Treuren at The Wal-Mart Files sent me a link some time ago to his tutorial on creating dynamic title tags for TypePad blogs. This is one of the easiest and most effective SEO (search engine optimization) techniques you... Read full article

July 18, 2006: How To: Place AdSense Ads In A Header at the Top of Your TypePad Blog
Comments: 8 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Google , Hacks for Ads , Hacks for Layout + Design
Rich Owings sent me a hack for putting AdSense Ads at the top of TypePad blogs. He based it on my tutorial here for top level navigation menus, and also credits Gary at the Digital Point CSS forum, for helping... Read full article

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