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April 5, 2008: Net Neutrality video from savethe
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If you have a blog, you need an internet to get there. I've posed before about Net Neutrality, but if you haven't felt the call yet, check the video below. It explains the basic concepts in a fun way. Read full article

July 16, 2006: Trouble-Shooting Your Blog: Simple Mistakes can Have Complicated Results
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This is a reader-participation post— I have a question I want to throw out to the crowd, but first a wee bit of set up to put it in context: Sometimes the simplest things can throw you… I actually have... Read full article

June 27, 2006: Just In from Call Your Senator Today
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the Knowledge Base article is here.

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June 10, 2006: Net Neutrality Update
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Rep. Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts), offered an amendment stating that broadband network providers must not discriminate against or interfere with users' ability to access or offer lawful content.... If you haven't gotten involved yet, please consider sending email, a letter or making a phone call to your state's Senators to let them know that you are in favor of Net Neutrality. Senators Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) have put a bill before the Senate which has stronger bi-partisan support than the Markey amendment. If you haven't been following the issue at all, here are a few good places to start: The Coalition offers the following list of ways you can help keep the internet free for all. Sign the petition and send a message to Congress Support the Ad Fund Call your Senators Write a letter to your hometown newspaper Promote SavetheInternet on your Blog or site Tell five friends to join the fight for Internet freedom Join SavetheInternet MySpace as a friend Please take action today!

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June 7, 2006: Welcome New Readers!
Comments: 8 | Categories: Community , Community Projects , Six Apart , TypePad , TypePad Hacks

There are four things you can do to help make this blog a better resource for everyone: Leave comments on the posts to let me know more about what you need. This blog aims to become the best resource possible, and I do take reqests. Link to this blog from your own blog, so other Typepad bloggers can get involved in the conversation. Subscribe to the feed, so that you won't miss any of the excitement to come. Submit hacks, links to third party tools or blogging news, or request a feature that would make TypePad even better.

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June 7, 2006: Wow! This Makes Me Feel Really great!
Comments: 7 | Categories: Community , Community Projects , Dialogue , News , Six Apart , TypePad , TypePad Hacks

They had some really nice things to say: You might think that Six Apart, as a company, would be embarrassed by Unger's focus on explaining tricks to extend TypePad's functionality, or chagrined that he polls his readers about what features we should implement next, but the truth is: We're thrilled. Not only is TypePad Hacks a tremendous benefit to all TypePad customers, especially those who want to ask unique questions or try to "push the envelope," but it's also incredibly useful for us to look over Unger's shoulder and absorb the feedback his readers are giving.... Finally, we think it's an amazing testament to blogging and to TypePad that Unger thought the best solution for his effort was to start a blog and to use TypePad.... While no formal relationship exists between TypePad Hacks and TypePad, we have talked with Unger and consider him a wonderful asset to the community.... Those of you who read TypePad Hacks regularly and/or comment on posts are the ones who have really made this possible, though.

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May 5, 2006: First TypePad Wishlist Posted… Send More!
Comments: 5 | Categories: Community , Community Projects , Dialogue , TypePad

All of the features on it are new ones that haven't been added to the Agenda page, although number four is similar to an item already listed. Here's the four things Nicole would like to see: I wish when you swich from "compose post" to "edit html" view, your cursor/selected text stayed in the same place.... I wish I could give guest and junior authors control over typelists, and approving posts and comments - in fact, it would be awesome if the permissions were a lot more customizable.... Custom 404s are a great idea, but I don't think they'll happen because of the way the servers are set up. I did just have an idea about combining MT Tags and redirects that might make it possible for TypePad to offer custom 404s without having to allow users to access their .htaccess file.

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May 3, 2006: Community Project: Share Your TypePad Wishlist
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He wrote: I've long mentioned little things on this site that I would love to see as features on TypePad […] Inspired by John Unger's site, I thought I would collect my list in one place and see if it makes sense; to see if it's merely a wishlist or truly a list of features I think would make TypePad better for all its users.... It's better than just taking a poll because it would allow people to make suggestions in their own words and to include items not found on the Agenda Page (TypePad Hacks' master list of feature requests).... Share Your Wishlist Project: I'd like to ask everyone to post an entry on your own blog listing the ten features/changes that you would most like to see.... I've created a feed to display links to all the wishlist pages in the sidebar, so this will make it easy for others to find and read your list.... You can also tag your page by pasting the following link at the bottom of the post: typepadwishlist To view posts others have contributed to the Wishlist Project, visit

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