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May 3, 2007: Add a Free Forum to Your TypePad Blog in Minutes!
Comments: 20 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Blog Tools , Community , Dialogue , Web 2.0 , Widgets
I've had a lot of requests since I started this blog to add a forum for readers to talk amongst themselves. I just did, and if you have a pro account, you can too! Not only that, but it's free... Read full article

November 29, 2006: Authorati: A New Blog Rating System
Comments: 6 | Categories: Blog Tools , Community , Reviews
Authorati is a new service which allows readers to rate blogs or individual posts in terms of authority and authorship. Authority is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being "A little authority" and 5 being "Lot of... Read full article

November 16, 2006: Build Community with a Custom Comment Archive Page for Your TypePad Blog
Comments: 12 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Blog Tools , Community , Dialogue , Hacks for Comments , Hacks for Layout + Design , Widgets
Debra Hamel who provided an excellent hack the other day (How To: Display Excerpts Rather Than Full Posts on Your Blog's Archive Pages) has sent me two more cool hacks! Debra rocks! Today I'll show you how to create a... Read full article

September 26, 2006: Six Apart's Business Blogging Seminars
Comments: 0 | Categories: Community , Dialogue , News , Reviews , Six Apart , TypePad
I've added a link to the sidebar for Six Apart's Business Blogging Seminars. Early registration gets you a 50% discount (that's just $75 to go see some pretty cool speakers and meet other bloggers over cocktails!) and all attendees will... Read full article

July 31, 2006: CoComment: Better Than Ever
Comments: 2 | Categories: Blog Tools , Community , Hacks for Comments

It’s over now, the most requested feature is up and running (it actually has been running in hidden mode for a month) so don’t be surprised to find many new comments in your conversations.... Now you can activate coComment on any webpage, and create a comment which will trackable in your conversations on the coComment service.... NEW INTERFACE, SITE STRUCTURE AND NAVIGATION With help of the great usability specialists Namahn, we have reorganized and simplified the site.... TRY THE SERVICE WITHOUT REGISTERINGIf you want to give coComment a spin without signing up, a temporary cookie will be set on your browser - without you having to give any information.... AND TONS OF OTHER FEATURES Five languages available (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), more capture-compatible platforms (most notably YouTube!), add people or sites as favorites, send coComment invitations, customize your page (try to drag and drop the boxes on the right of the screen!), and much more!

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July 29, 2006: Increase Reader Participation on Your Blog with a cbox Chat Widget
Comments: 4 | Categories: Blog Tools , Community , Dialogue , Reader Polls , Widgets
I just added a new feature to TypePad Hacks— It's a live chat window in the sidebar that allows readers to talk amongst themselves in real time!... If you've got a question about how to do something, you can now type it into the chat window and see if any readers who are currently online have an answer for you.... Out of the free offerings, I found cbox to be the easiest to set up, the most functional and customizable, and the least intrusive when it comes to built-in advertising.... That way, if you asked a question and someone answered it later in the day you'd know about it without having to check back.... Realistically, I expect my contributions to the chat window will be minimal… I much prefer email, skype and comments to chat and forums. Read full article

July 16, 2006: Trouble-Shooting Your Blog: Simple Mistakes can Have Complicated Results
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Community , Community Projects
This is a reader-participation post— I have a question I want to throw out to the crowd, but first a wee bit of set up to put it in context: Sometimes the simplest things can throw you… I actually have... Read full article

June 10, 2006: Why Am I Suddenly Seeing Advertising on TypePad Hacks?
Comments: 1 | Categories: Blog Tools , Community , Reader Polls

Conventional wisdom holds that if you are going to put ads on a blog you should do it from the very beginning, and not add it later.... I kind of felt like running ads would just be another thing to think about and my brain was pretty full at the time.... Well, two reasons: I'm starting to get a fair number of questions about how to work with various ad programs. In order to answer these, I'm gonna have to try them out myself so that I can have a little first-hand knowledge of how they work. Feedburner invited me to try a new feature they've come up with that uses their feed flare technology to serve ads between posts.

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June 10, 2006: Reader Poll: Why Do You Blog?
Comments: 9 | Categories: Community , Dialogue , Reader Polls

I'm curious to know what the most common reason for blogging is among readers of TypePad Hacks. The poll below is limited to five answers, so I've tried to select options that I feel are among the most universal responses to this question… but obviously there are many other reasons to blog.... Please select the answer in the survey that is closest to your primary motivation for blogging. If none of survey options is even close, post a comment below and tell me what it is that motivates you to blog.... Maybe you have several reasons to blog, or would like to share a story about how blogging has helped you achieve your goals?

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June 7, 2006: Welcome New Readers!
Comments: 8 | Categories: Community , Community Projects , Six Apart , TypePad , TypePad Hacks

There are four things you can do to help make this blog a better resource for everyone: Leave comments on the posts to let me know more about what you need. This blog aims to become the best resource possible, and I do take reqests. Link to this blog from your own blog, so other Typepad bloggers can get involved in the conversation. Subscribe to the feed, so that you won't miss any of the excitement to come. Submit hacks, links to third party tools or blogging news, or request a feature that would make TypePad even better.

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