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May 21, 2008: New TypePad Compose Window
Comments: 28 | Categories: Changes + Updates , News , TypePad
One of my most frequently requested features has just been added to the Compose screen for TypePad: Text and picture justification tools. Even though it's a really simple thing, it excites me a lot because I generally like to center... Read full article

February 2, 2007: How to Hack Anything
Comments: 3 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Changes + Updates , Corrections , Reference , TypePad Hacks
If you left a comment anytime between the launch of the new design and a few minutes ago, you may have noticed a nasty little bug that was causing the comment preview to display in the first sidebar instead of... Read full article

January 30, 2007: The New + Improved TypePad Hacks
Comments: 17 | Categories: Changes + Updates , News
Moments ago I pressed the Publish button, revealing the new design I've been working on for this blog. If you're reading this in RSS, please click through and let me know what you think! I'm especially interested in any bugs... Read full article

January 11, 2007: New Features for TypePad!
Comments: 3 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Basic Templates , Changes + Updates , Hacks for Navigation , News , TypePad
I've had an IM window open with Michael Sippey all week, just holding my breath till the moment I could tell you about the new items and changes to the TypePad app that went live last night. The big one... Read full article

November 17, 2006: CBox Chat Widget Has Moved
Comments: 2 | Categories: Changes + Updates
Quick Update: It wasn't getting a lot of use but I still think the CBox Chat Widget is a useful and interesting piece of bling… I've moved it to the Comment Archives / Community Page to improve load speeds of... Read full article

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