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April 2, 2008: Drag Links from firefox sidebar to your TypePad compose window
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Browsers , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Navigation
Just on a hunch, it occurred to me that I might be able to create links in a TypePad post by dragging a bookmark from the sidebar in Firefox to the compose window… you know what? It works! Oh man,... Read full article

November 17, 2006: Live SpellCheck in TypePad's Compose Window with Firefox 2.0
Comments: 0 | Categories: Blog Tools , Browsers , News
I just noticed live spell check in my TypePad compose window. Misspelled words are underlined with a red dotted line. I got all excited thinking it was a new feature in TypePad until I realized that I had just installed... Read full article

June 13, 2006: Poll: Have You Experienced Problems With CoComment's FireFox Extension?
Comments: 3 | Categories: Blog Tools , Browsers , Dialogue , Hacks for Comments , Issues , Reader Polls

I recently blogged about CoComment's new Firefox Extension. I was pretty excited to see it, and really enjoyed not having to use the bookmarklet to track my conversations.

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June 10, 2006: coComment Now Has a Firefox Extension!
Comments: 2 | Categories: Blog Tools , Browsers , Hacks for Comments , News

I only just saw this: coComment has released an extension for FireFox. The extension automatically enables coComment on supported blogs and notifies you if you have new comments in 'Your conversations.' Why does this totally rock? Well, now if you want to keep track of the comments you leave on other blogs, you no longer need to click the bookmarklet to do so! I'm always forgetting to use the bookmarklet before I post comments, so this is a welcome addition for me.

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May 13, 2006: Bug Check Your Blog! Resources for Fixing Code and Improving Accessibility
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , Browsers
Sometimes it can be really difficult to track down bugs that cause your blog to display improperly… especially when the issue is not something you did in your template, but a mistake or typo in an actual post or TypeList.... Read full article

March 18, 2006: This is really interesting…
Comments: 0 | Categories: Browsers
One of the things I like about Typepad is that it generates valid code that should look the same in all browsers. So I don't have to spend as much time checking to be sure my sites display properly. I... Read full article

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