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February 28, 2008: Using Firefox Bookmarklets Within the HTML of a Blog Post
Comments: 6 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , HTML , Web 2.0 , Widgets
I'm currently working on a stealth project… a new eCommerce blog where social media is a big part of the plan… and I had this crazy idea that actually works. It started when I wanted to customize the images for... Read full article

December 4, 2007: The Paypal Storefront Widget, The fastest, easiest eCommerce solution for blogs
Comments: 35 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , News , Reviews , TypePad Stores , Web 2.0 , Widgets
The Paypal Storefront Widget which launched today is pretty darn close to the blog eCommerce solution of my dreams. There's a reason for that… which is that I worked closely with the development team that created it. Back in August,... Read full article

June 1, 2007: 3 Columns Right Layout added to Standard Templates
Comments: 4 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , News
One of the trickier hacks I've spent time on was getting the layout you see here at TypePad Hacks… A three column blog with both sidebars on the right. It's been one of the more popular hacks tutorials, and it's... Read full article

January 11, 2007: New Features for TypePad!
Comments: 3 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Basic Templates , Changes + Updates , Hacks for Navigation , News , TypePad
I've had an IM window open with Michael Sippey all week, just holding my breath till the moment I could tell you about the new items and changes to the TypePad app that went live last night. The big one... Read full article

December 27, 2006: How To Add Expanding-Collapsing Menus With Subcategories to your TypePad Blog
Comments: 7 | Categories: Agenda Updates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Navigation , Hacks for Typelists
Drop-down menus with subcategories that can be used in TypeLists is one of the most common feature requests I get. This hack goes out to pieman, who first requested it. See an example of how it looks at in... Read full article

December 7, 2006: How To Change the Order of TypeLists on your "About" Page
Comments: 2 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Agenda Updates , Basic Templates , Hacks for Navigation , Hacks for Typelists
Some time back, Nuthatch requested the ability to change the order of TypeLists on the "About" page. Although there is currently no way to do this using TypePad's About Page Default Template, there are several hacks you can use to... Read full article

September 27, 2006: Amazon aStores… An Almost Amazing Alternative (or Addition) to Blog Advertising
Comments: 1 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , TypePad Stores
And an awesome excuse for annoying alliteration, as well! Heh. But I promise I'll stop that now, since what I really want to post is a review of the pros and cons of Amazon's aStore program. Note: Adding an Amazon... Read full article

June 24, 2006: More TypePad and Feedburner Integration, Plus New Features from Both
Comments: 8 | Categories: Basic Templates , Blog Tools , News , Six Apart , TypePad , TypePad Hacks

Yesterday we added a few new features to TypePad that also came straight off the Most Wanted list. Even if these new features weren't on your personal list, we think you'll find them useful...... You can set comment status (open or closed), TrackBack status (accept or don't accept) or assign categories on multiple posts at once.... Starting a new blog and want to introduce first time readers to your topic?... (And for those of you taking advantage of Custom CSS, we assign a special classname to that post, so that you can style it differently from the rest of your posts...)

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June 7, 2006: New TypePad Application Feature: Feedburner Integration for Blogs
Comments: 6 | Categories: Basic Templates , News , Six Apart , TypePad

They're great people, have very responsive tech support and provide a lot of really great metrics, all for free (there's a paid version that gives you access to more data, but I've been more than happy with the basic service). What really makes FeedBurner useful though is the fact that they make it much, much easier for your readers to subscribe to your feed whether they understand RSS or not. FeedBurner also provides a lot of great related services such as automatically pinging all the major blog search engines when you update your blog, managing advertising services within your feed, and creating feed flare (the cool links at the bottom of each post on this blog that let you email posts, submit them to digg, etc). I'm very pleased to see the two companies working together so closely… especially because FeedBurner has created a lot of truly innovative ways to extend RSS into a powerful new medium in it's own right.... You might also want to subscribe to the feed for the comments (where it says "join the conversation" in the sidebar) because some of the smartest things said on this blog are said by other people commenting on posts!

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May 31, 2006: More on MajikWidgets
Comments: 1 | Categories: Basic Templates , Blog Tools , Typelists + Sidebars , Widgets

The MajikWidget poll I posted yesterday is now working (Yay!) so do please go cast a vote to let me know how comfortable you are working with template code.

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