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September 16, 2009: AHA Award for Thom Meredith's design
Comments: 2 | Categories: AHA: Applied Hacking Awards
I got an brief email from Thom Meredith Monday that read: Hi, just wanted you to check out my site that I built using Typepad and using your site as a great guide (no other site had as many great... Read full article

August 28, 2007: The Easy way to get audio, video, podcasts and photos posted to your blog
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , AHA: Applied Hacking Awards , Blog Tools , Web 2.0 , Widgets
Jeff Meade at the Irish Philly Blog is my favorite kind of client— he's funny, personable, and once I've done a few basic things he digs in and learns how to go further on his own. Then he emails me... Read full article

August 23, 2007: AHA award for David Smith's ToyTalk blog
Comments: 6 | Categories: AHA: Applied Hacking Awards
It's been ages since I handed out an AHA award, but David Smith's ToyTalk blog is definitely deserving! David hired me recently to do a couple hours consulting on how he might increase the stickiness of his blog and build... Read full article

January 19, 2007: AHA Awards for Dan York and David Alexander
Comments: 2 | Categories: AHA: Applied Hacking Awards
I love seeing what people do with the hacks posted here. I found Dan York's great adaptation of my three column layout by following a link back to his personal LiveJournal blog from my page stats. In an effort to... Read full article

November 30, 2006: AHA Award Winner: The Raw Chef
Comments: 3 | Categories: AHA: Applied Hacking Awards
Russell James gets this week's AHA award for his blog, The Raw Chef. Using just a few of the hacks I've documented here, Russel has put together a beautiful and highly functional blog to share his love of raw foods…... Read full article

November 25, 2006: Introducing the TypePad Hacks AHA Award
Comments: 0 | Categories: AHA: Applied Hacking Awards

The TypePad Hacks Applied Hacking Award (AHA) recognizes bloggers who have either designed cool new hacks or done a particularly great job of implementing hacks documented here in the past. It's my little way of pointing out blogs that may inspire you or help you to see new ways to make your blog work for you and your readers. The first AHA goes out to Debra Hamel and her blog The Deblog. Debra has sent in four hacks in the last week.

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