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June 3, 2006: Shopify Is Live! (and Much More Blog Store News)
Comments: 8 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis , Blog Tools , TypePad Stores

Okay, I'm geeked… I just got my invite to beta test Shopify, the closest thing going to my idea of what a blog store should be. Go check them out and take a look at their blog as well. The only problem I foresee is that I've sold so many fire bowls over my art blog this week that I'm going to be in the studio way more than at the keyboard this week. So it's likely that a full-on review of shopify will take a while.... It sounds like they're pretty close to full launch.

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April 22, 2006: How To: Create a Landing Page for Your TypePad Blog
Comments: 5 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis , Hacks for Layout + Design , Hacks for Navigation
UPDATE: TypePad's Pages feature now makes this much easier and even allows you to set a page to display as your main index page. The post below is still a good reference for what you might want to think about... Read full article

April 11, 2006: More Thoughts on Blog Stores
Comments: 4 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis , Dialogue , TypePad Stores
JHill left a comment on my recent post So Who Wants Blog Stores, asking: I'm not sure why it needs to be blog focused... There's some infrastructure that could be leveraged, but I think that Amazon/Ebay/Yahoo could probably acheive the... Read full article

April 3, 2006: Why Would You Want to Disable Comments or Trackbacks Site-Wide?
Comments: 4 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis
In a recent post, Neville Hobson compares ways that comment and trackback spam are managed on different blog platforms. I'm going to quote from it at length below because he sums up really nicely why you might want to turn... Read full article

April 3, 2006: So Who Wants Blog Stores?
Comments: 10 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis , Community , TypePad Stores
So who would use a blog-based storefront if it were available? I just got off the phone with one of my closest friends who's been following the Hacks story offline… She's 53 and has never used a computer on a... Read full article

March 22, 2006: TypePad Levels + This Blog
Comments: 0 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis , Community , Dialogue , Issues , TypePad
I just got a comment from Molly, who is upset that I took Category RSS feeds off the Agenda after Bud pointed out that it can already be done in Advanced Templates. If I understand the comment correctly, Molly feels... Read full article

March 21, 2006: I Hope You Know That This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record
Comments: 2 | Categories: Agenda: Analysis
Attention Span Warning: This is a long post. Executive summary: a fully documented service record not only provides users with access to a company's track record, it provides the company the ability to demonstrate that outages are an anomaly and... Read full article

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