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February 28, 2008: Using Firefox Bookmarklets Within the HTML of a Blog Post
Comments: 6 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , HTML , Web 2.0 , Widgets
I'm currently working on a stealth project… a new eCommerce blog where social media is a big part of the plan… and I had this crazy idea that actually works. It started when I wanted to customize the images for... Read full article

December 4, 2007: The Paypal Storefront Widget, The fastest, easiest eCommerce solution for blogs
Comments: 35 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , Blog Tools , News , Reviews , TypePad Stores , Web 2.0 , Widgets
The Paypal Storefront Widget which launched today is pretty darn close to the blog eCommerce solution of my dreams. There's a reason for that… which is that I worked closely with the development team that created it. Back in August,... Read full article

September 24, 2007: Edit This Post Buttons for the Footer of TypePad Blogs
Comments: 5 | Categories: Advanced Templates
One of the most useful hacks I've ever installed on my blogs is the "edit this post" button in the footer of each post. It's a great help when I want to make quick edits to older entries, which is... Read full article

August 28, 2007: The Easy way to get audio, video, podcasts and photos posted to your blog
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , AHA: Applied Hacking Awards , Blog Tools , Web 2.0 , Widgets
Jeff Meade at the Irish Philly Blog is my favorite kind of client— he's funny, personable, and once I've done a few basic things he digs in and learns how to go further on his own. Then he emails me... Read full article

June 1, 2007: 3 Columns Right Layout added to Standard Templates
Comments: 4 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Basic Templates , News
One of the trickier hacks I've spent time on was getting the layout you see here at TypePad Hacks… A three column blog with both sidebars on the right. It's been one of the more popular hacks tutorials, and it's... Read full article

May 25, 2007: Add Links to Recent Posts on Your Individual Entries
Comments: 12 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Navigation
Kevin C. Tofel wrote me this morning to share a cool hack he had come up with which he hopes will make his blog stickier for people who discover individual entries through search. He wrote: I was looking for a... Read full article

May 3, 2007: Add a Free Forum to Your TypePad Blog in Minutes!
Comments: 20 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Blog Tools , Community , Dialogue , Web 2.0 , Widgets
I've had a lot of requests since I started this blog to add a forum for readers to talk amongst themselves. I just did, and if you have a pro account, you can too! Not only that, but it's free... Read full article

May 1, 2007: Cool New Comment Notification emails
Comments: 0 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Layout + Design , News , Typelists + Sidebars

I love the new format… Not only is it prettier, but it seems much more functional than the old style of comment notification.... Also, I way blew it on reporting the last big design change that dealt with TypeLists… If you haven't looked at your lists in the last month or so, there are a lot of major improvements to the TypeList interface. especially the ability to easily see the correct code for adding them to Advanced Template blogs (under the Publish tab). A quick tip I've been meaning to share: When you go to the Publish Tab for any Typelist, there's a list of links to all your advanced templates sets.... When I work on a redesign for those sites, it's handy to be able to easily open the design page for each blog by clicking the links on the TypeList Publish tab.

Read full article

April 22, 2007: 3 Custom Template Modules You'll Use Again and Again
Comments: 9 | Categories: Advanced Templates
The entry-individual, entry-list and entry-list-sticky modules may be familiar to those of you who've hacked around with your templates much. All three of them are responsible for generating the post content on different pages of TypePad blogs, and all three... Read full article

April 19, 2007: How to add content between your blog and the top of the browser
Comments: 9 | Categories: Advanced Templates , Hacks for Ads , Hacks for Layout + Design
Say you'd like to put an ad banner above the header of your blog, or create a space to call attention to a special event? This is an easy hack to implement in advanced templates. As an example, take a... Read full article

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