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John T. Unger

Demo of Iphone App for TypePad at WWDC

John T. Unger June 9, 2008

Michael Sippey gave a quick demo of TypePad's new IPhone app at the Apple WWDC today. I have to admit, this is the first time ever that I've been interested in the idea of blogging from a phone. I bought an IPhone this year for SXSW and love it, but I can't see writing very long posts on the phone's keyboard. Michael's demo has me thinking, yup, I'll be phoneblogging soon.

TypePad's app will be available as a free download at http://www.apple.com/iphone/appstore/ as soon as the store fully launches and IPhone3G goes on sale.

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Brian Prows says:

Yes, it looks so incredibly easy. (Did everyone see that WOW spelled backwards is WOW?)

As John commented, using the iPhone's touch pad is not the fastest way to blog. But, hey. I think the application will greatly slow down mad mobile bloggers, giving them room for thoughtful prose and enduring content.

A new milestone for blazing broadband blogging.

Brian Prows, MarketingBeyond

Krissy says:

This is AMAZING! I use Typepad for my blogs, but I cannot have an iPhone due to lack of good AT&T service in my rural area - do you have any idea if this will also work on an iPod Touch or not? I love it!


Sarah Sosiak, TypePad Product Manager says:

Hi Krissy --

Yes! The app will work on an iPod Touch.

If you leave your email address on this page, we'll let you know as soon as the app is available, and let you know how you can get it.


-- Sarah

Leigh Hanlon says:

Well, it's a neat program on a first-generation iPhone and I've been using it for about 24 hours. Here are my observations:

--> At least 25 percent of the time, there's an error message about an "unexpected response" when trying to publish a blog post. This happens regardless of whether I'm accessing the web via Wi-Fi or Edge. Once this error message occurs, the post will bot be published despite repeated attempts. All I can do is delete them and start over.

--> Regardless of how good they look as originals, most of iPhone photos look a lot worse in TypePad. Much of the problem seems to be that although the TypePad software allows you to resize the photo when you take it within the TypePad app, you can only zoom in. In other words, you can't have TypePad display a full photo so that it fills half of a post's text area and wraps the type. All photos are going to be displayed so that their width matches the text panel width -- which in most TypePad templates is going to be something like 400 pixels.

--> TypePad puts way too much vertical space between the bottom of the photo and the start of the text.

Are any of these issues resolved on the 3G iPhone?

Phone Shop Finder says:

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