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John T. Unger

Twitter Favorites Sent in by Readers

John T. Unger April 2, 2008

I'm just amazed at how popular my recent post about Twitter was… and even though I'm not planning to change the name of the blog from TypePad Hacks to Twitter hacks, I'm going to do a couple follow-up posts this week to cover some of the great new stuff I discovered.

First up, here's a list of all the Titter apps, mashups, and services suggested by readers in the comments.

  • Lisa Rokusek and Veetrag nominate: twitxr, a utility you can use to geotag photos and post them to Twitter, Flickr and Facebook profiles and has cool location guessing features.
  • Aaron nominates: his own perl plugin for Pidgin which syncs your Pidgin status to your last tweet.
  • Stephen nominates: Twitter Karma, a Flash application that fetches your friends and followers from Twitter when you click the "Whack!" button, then displays them for you, letting you quickly paginate through them.
  • slysir nominates: TwitKit, a Twitter Client that runs in the Firefox sidebar.
  • Ryan nominates: TwitterCard, a 125 x125 pixel business card widget for Twitter.
  • John nominates: The Awesome Highlighter, A URL shortener which also lets you highlight text and pass it to the web or Twitter.
  • Binny V A nominates: a Command line twitter client for Linux.
  • SnapTweet, a tool for posting your latest Flickr photo to your Twitter stream. Great for the iPhone when you want to take a picture of something and tweet about it.
  • Screenpunk nominates: Twitbin, a firefox extension that lets you send and receive messages in your firefox sidebar.
  • Deanna Stall nominates: OutTwit a Twitter plugin for MS Outlook.
  • Kirti nominates: lincr, a URL shortener. You can copy-paste the URL into the box or use the bookmarklet to shorten the URL and the shortened URL automatically gets copied to the clipboard and is ready to be shared. See also, LinkBunch, which lets you put multiple links into one shortened link.
  • mcpaige nominates: dweeting.com, a Twitter mashup where people can follow dating tweets or send tweets while on a date or out to a party.

Don't see your favorite? Add in the comments below and I'll move it to the list.


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