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John T. Unger

Fresh new design for TypePad Hacks and more!

John T. Unger April 26, 2008

The new design I've been working on this week just went live, and I'm way, way happy about it! What's changed? Quite a bit:

  1. The TypePad a la Carte Code Store is now it's own blog, which means you can search it by category. This should make it a lot easier to use. I updated the list of hacks too, so that each has a description of what it does as well as a list of what's required from clients in terms of files, etc. Please take a look and leave a comment if you have any suggestions for improving it. I'll be adding a bunch of new hacks to the store soon, as well as some package deals.
  2. The view shopping cart button is now in the menu at far right (unless you're using IE, in which case it's above the menu. If you are using IE, may I suggest a better browser such as Firefox, Flock or Camino?)
  3. I also updated the page for ordering custom hacks (actually, I created one. It used to go straight to the contact form.) The new page explains everything you need to know about hiring us for Custom templates or CSS, personalized blog consulting and training. The new order form is much improved as well, saving time by making sure we have all the info we need to prepare an accurate bid.
  4. Finally, a new and prettier banner and a new logo. I took the official TypePad logo and changed the lilly pad into a paint palette… and changed the tag line from "building a better platform through user powered design" to "The art of fine code."
  5. Swapped the three column right template to a two column right, with a wider sidebar.
  6. Updated the widgets etc. and made new graphics for most of the sidebar items.
  7. Color changes throughout the templates.

I'm probably forgetting a few of the new features or changes, but those are the big ones.

I'd love to hear what you think of the new design… Please do leave a comment and let me know what else you would like to see, or see change, or what you like about the new design.

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Hans-Joerg (ME) says:

Wow, much better than before. I like that.
I often visit your site. And now it's even
more fun. Content is what counts... but
eye candy also is important at times. Very
well done :-)

Rich Owings says:

Good job John. Hey, the 2 sidebars that morph into one...Can that be done without an advanced template? Hmm, sounds like a great post idea! ;-)

Rebecca says:

Love it! WTG!

Nicola Pedley says:

It looks great! And I second the request for a lesson on making a lovely big sidebar.

john t unger says:

Thanks everyone! Looks like the new look is a hit.

I'll do a post about how to change the width of the sidebar sometime soon. It's not hard, just a little tweak to the CSS. Changing the number of columns is a bit more involved though (if you're already using advanced templates, easy on basic templates), so I'll take that on in a separate post.

john t unger says:


I didn't say Camino was better than Firefox… I said it was better than IE.

Personally, I use multiple browsers for different things. Camino holds the sites that I tend to refresh throughout the day. Firefox 2 is where I browse and work, Firefox 3 is optimized for coding client sites and Flock is where I do other social media stuff.

Krissy says:

Looks great, nice job!! I like the visual cues for when you're responding in the comments too.

Liz@thisfullhouse says:

Just so you know, I recently switched from basic to "advanced templates" and you guys make designing and coding my blog(s) easy. Thankyouverymuch! I mean, if a mom with 4 kids, 2 cats, 1 sock-eating chocolate lab and 2 damned much laundry can do it...well...you know!

drew mcmanus says:

Love the new look - very nice!

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