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John T. Unger

Simple Rounded Corners for TypePad

John T. Unger October 22, 2007

I did a complete makeover for the Jambaz Blog recently. My buddy Jonas' layout required rounded corners for each content area, so I did a quick search for "rounded corners in CSS," and came up just shy of 2 million results in Google. I looked at about half a dozen and tried out a couple of them. By far the simplest was Adam Kalsey's Rounded Corners in CSS tutorial. If you have a need for rounded corners his code seems the simplest and quickest to use and modify (especially if you're creating the images yourself).

Another useful tool for achieving the same is RoundedCornr, a page which lets you spec the colors and radius for a box and then generates the HTML, CSS and even the images for you.

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moe hong says:

It would be neat to see a bit of custom CSS that could be dropped into standard templates to convert frame/column corners from square to rounded!

Katie Konrath says:

Is this with advanced templates? Or were you just able to do this with css?

Chris Jennings says:

How do I use Adam's code in my Typepad blog? I don't have access (I don't think) to the DIV tags that envelope content areas from within the custom CSS. I'd really not have to use an advanced template as I'm barely comfortable editing plain CSS as it is. If it can't be done without advanced templates I'll just have to keep the default sharp cut-yer-fingers-if-you're-not-careful corners.

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