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John T. Unger

3 Columns Right Layout added to Standard Templates

John T. Unger June 1, 2007

One of the trickier hacks I've spent time on was getting the layout you see here at TypePad Hacks… A three column blog with both sidebars on the right. It's been one of the more popular hacks tutorials, and it's also been one that has generated the most email and comments when it didn't quite come together for people.

Well, it's just been added as a standard layout that you can set up in the design wizard for Basic TypePad blogs! Yay! I'm actually going to rebuild this blog when I get a chance, using the new layout in basic and then porting over my other custom code after converting to advanced. That shouuld solve some of the other problems I had when I built the layout from scratch (mainly the issue of having the comment post and preview show up in the wrong column).

Thanks to Shawn at the Metropolitan Museum of Art who called to let me know it had been added!

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Ric says:

That's good news, and a hat-tip to you, John T. Hopefully it will clean up the problem with the alpha column size in IE too ...

BTW - I don't think your work is done yet!

john t unger says:

Thanks Ric!

Darla says:

How hard would it be to change the code in the stylesheet of an already advanced template?

I've been wanting this since the first hack for it came out on this blog!!

Goldy says:

Hey John.

I talked to you awhile back about whether to switch to advanced templates or see what I could get done with custom css. I worked with a designer and she was able to do some pretty cool stuff just using the custom css. Would love if you could talk about more custom css stuff. Anyways... hope all is well with you and thanks for your great blog.

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