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John T. Unger

New Features for TypePad!

John T. Unger January 11, 2007

I've had an IM window open with Michael Sippey all week, just holding my breath till the moment I could tell you about the new items and changes to the TypePad app that went live last night. The big one is something I suggested way back when I started this blog: Permalinked titles for blog posts. From the Everything TypePad blog:

If you're using one of TypePad's built-in templates, you'll notice that your entry titles are now linked to the permalink of the post.  This makes it easier for readers to navigate to your individual entries.  (Those hyperlinks will start to appear as your blog is republished, which can happen when someone comments, when you create a new post, or if you choose to republish from the Design tab.) There's some minor tweaks to the CSS for blogs to make the change seamless from a design perspective, too.

I've asked Michael how TypePad bloggers using advanced templates can take advantage of this and he's promised to get back to me on that. In the mean time, if you have an advanced template blog and you can't wait to style it up with linked titles you can still use the hack I published earlier. (Note: if you have converted your blog to advanced templates since the introduction of Featured Posts, you'll need to modify the instructions a bit… I'll eventually get caught up enough to add instructions for adapting older hacks to the new template structure).

In addition to permalinked titles, there are a few other cool new changes.

Eight new themes have been ported over from Vox, with a promise of more on the way. According to my sources, much of the cool new stuff from Vox will eventually be added to TypePad. Vox has, in some ways, become quite the testing ground for new ideas.

Another new feature is the ability to add page headers to date-based and category archive pages. I didn't immediately see the utility of this, but if you click over to Everything TypePad's Features category page to see it in action, it's easier to see where it would come in handy. Google tends to favor index pages over posts, so having a nice header that explains to new viewers where they are and what they're looking is pretty useful. I'm going to have to play with this a bit and see what other tricks I can make it do.

The Design Tab for basic template blogs has been revamped. I really like the new look… I do almost all my work in the advanced template design tab, but all my blogs at least begin in basic templates. I think the new interface is definitely a bit more friendly and intuitive.


new typepad design tab


All in all, this is a very nice little upgrade. There's a mention in the post at Everything TypePad of various bug fixes also, though no details about them. If any readers happen to notice small fixes that aren't documented, I'd love it if you could leave a comment below detailing what you find.

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Debra Hamel says:

Ah, this is good. You inspired me (1) to link the titles on my main page to the post permalinks--could have done this before, but I didn't think of it; and more importantly (2) to figure out how to do sticky posts with advanced templates. I had thought we were just out of luck--sometimes I kind of regret that I'm not content staying on basic, because they get to do neat stuff pretty easily. But your comment above suggested there was a way to do this, so I did! That will certainly come in handy at some point.

Meanwhile, what I really wanted to say was that I really appreciate your site. When new posts come in I'm happy to wander over here and see what goodies you have cooking for us.

Tom G says:

I prefer to stick with basic templates (no muss, no fuss) and so I've enabled the category page headers. They give you a few options for how the header is worded. Here is one of mine for example: http://www.ballssticksstuff.com/phillies/index.html

JT Ellison says:

Everything looks wonderful, much easier to use and navigate, and the permalink titles is a big improvement.

I have a suggestion. We have a multi-person blog. Currently, I alone (as the administrator/owner) have the ability to post my blog and change the time and date to go up when I'd like. I've been asking for nearly a year to allow my permanent guest bloggers (we're all equal in standing) to be able to do this as well. Because there is no fuction, I've had to give the master password and login to all of my members.

If you could at the very least give the owners of the blogs the option to set the guest bloggers access level to a higher level so they can have this perk too, it would be most appreciated.
Thank you.
JT Ellison

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