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John T. Unger

AHA Awards for Dan York and David Alexander

John T. Unger January 19, 2007

AhaI love seeing what people do with the hacks posted here. I found Dan York's great adaptation of my three column layout by following a link back to his personal LiveJournal blog from my page stats. In an effort to separate various threads of his writing, Dan decided to break one blog into several different sites. He used the three column layout on Disruptive Telephony, a blog about VOIP. He's also done a really nice job of using a top level menu bar to bring all his various sites together, while maintaining a separate design and identity for each. Nice work Dan! Dan was also kind enough to share some details of how he tweaked the instructions in the comments on the original post.

AhaSpeaking of three-column layouts, another, long overdue AHA Award goes out to David Alexander for his landing page implementation, based on this post. I think he did a really great job of laying out a lot of information in a clear, easy to follow fashion. Although the page appears to be a simple Basic template design, the use of whitespace gives it a very customized look. Aside from being a nice example of a start page, I think this stands up well as a great example of what you can do in TypePad even when you're not modifying the template code. David also implemented some of the other hacks I've posted on his main blog, which he discusses here.

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David Alexander says:


I don't know what to say...

I didn't prepare anything because I had no idea I would be standing here... such great competition in this category of the AHA awards!

In all seriousness, thanks for noticing the new design.

john t unger says:

You're welcome David!I like being able to point to examples of bloggers who have used the hacks well.

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