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John T. Unger

Organize Your TypeLists by Blog

John T. Unger December 4, 2006

One of the features requested on the Agenda Page reads:

Grouping TypeLists by blog would be useful for those who have multiple blogs.

A recently posted Knowledge Base article: Organizing TypeLists by Weblog shows an easy way to do this:

If you have multiple weblogs, you may have TypeLists that are only used on specific weblogs. In order to tell quickly which weblog a specific TypeList belongs to, you can add some HTML code in the TypeList title. This will add a hidden number or some text to designate a TypeList for a specific weblog. For example:

<!--A--> TypeList Title

The <!--A--> will not display on your blog, only in your list of TypeLists on the Content Selection page, which can be used to easily connect all TypeLists with "A" to one weblog.

Of course, it makes more sense to use <!--Blogname1-->, <!--Blogname2-->, etc.

An additional trick allows you to keep your most important blogs at the top of the list: TypePad sorts your Typelists alphabetically by TypeList title, but it also sorts by upper and lowercase. Uppercase letters will display first, so if you want <!--Z--> above <!--a-->, you're all set! I find this very handy, since I have about 8 blogs at any given time, but tend to edit the TypeLists for this blog the most. No more scrolling down the long list looking for the TypePad Hacks TypeLists!

BTW: I found this article because I have an RSS feed for TypePad's Knowledge Base in my feed reader. They've been updating quite a few articles lately. The Knowledge Base feed is a great way to keep up with changes and newer features, but it's also a good way to read through the Knowledge Base a little at a time and find out what I may have missed or forgotten over time.You can subscribe to Knowledge Base updates here.

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Katie Konrath says:

Wouldn't this also work to change the order of items in a Typelist? (One of the features I'm dying for!) To label them with letters, and then select Alphabetical order for organization?

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