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John T. Unger

MajikWidget Adds New Widgets, Improved Control Panel and a Great New Look

John T. Unger August 8, 2006

Yesterday,  MajikWidget announced three new widgets and a revised and improved user interface.

I wrote about  MajikWidget when they first launched and gave them high marks for their service and tech support. If you haven't checked them out yet, they create blog widgets that allow you to easily add new functions to your blog even if you're running it on basic templates. The widgets run on multiple blog platforms… so for TypePad users who are unable to use TypePad's widgets after converting to advanced templates, MajikWidget promises to become a very valuable service over time as they add new widgets to the collection. If you don't see what you're looking for, just let them know. Not only do they take requests, but if they use your idea they will incorporate a link to your blog below each use of the widget (this can be turned off by the widget user if they so choose).

My two favorite new features of the user control panel are the ability to edit edit previously created widgets and the ability to preview widgets in a pop-up window. The new site and the interface are pleasing to the eye and the organization of features is much improved from the initial design.

I like the look of the new  library browser, but when I got a chance to see a sneak preview a few days ago, I felt that it would become a bit unwieldy once they've added a larger number of widgets. I passed that thought along to the design team and they've already made plans to "integrate an alphabetical "quick jump" for easily locating favorite widgets."

The new widgets include a dynamically updated Skypecast widget and widgets that allow you to  list your bookmarked websites from Del.icio.us or your "dugg" stories from Digg.com. The Skypecast widget is one of my own suggestions, and I'm mighty pleased to have it selected as one of the first custom widgets.

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Lewis says:

Not a hack, but is there a way to import one of the themes from this site http://www.thestylecontest.com/ into a Typepad blog and if so, how would that be done?

jhalpin says:

Hi there, the MajikWidget polls I'm posting in my advanced template posts, similar to your other post do not seem to be returning to the radio button screen after voting -- is this a known issue? I'll find your other post with the actual poll in it to clarify.

Thanks again!


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