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John T. Unger

Update Your Advanced Template Blog To Make Technorati Tags Visible

John T. Unger July 29, 2006

Craig McGinty wrote in with an update on using the new built-in Technorati Tags in TypePad.

It turns out that blogs using Advanced Templates will need to update their template code before the feature will work. It's pretty easy, though, (much easier than adding tags by hand for the rest of eternity!) so don't fret.

The following block of code should be added to your Entry-Individual Template, Category Archives Template, DateBased Archives Template and Individual Archives Template. Place it directly after the footer info and before the comment field.

Note: You can download a text file of this code here.

<br /><!-- technorati tags --> <MTWeblogIfExposeTags> <MTEntryIfTagged> <p class="entry-technorati-tags"> <a href="http://www.technorati.com/search/<$MTEntryPermalink$>" title="<$MTTrans phrase="Find related items at Technorati."$>"><$MTTrans phrase="Technorati Tags"$></a>: <MTEntryTags glue=", "><a href="http://technorati.com/tag/<$MTTagLabelClean encode_url="1"$>" rel="tag"><$MTTagLabel$></a></MTEntryTags> </p> </MTEntryIfTagged> </MTWeblogIfExposeTags>

Craig notes that if you would like your Tag list to have the same format as the footer info, you can delete <p class="entry-technorati-tags"> and also the </p> towards the end of the code. If you do that, make sure the update code is pasted within the 'class' formatting for the footer.

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James says:

what if you don't want your Tech Tags visible? they seem to be visible by default... just delete "<$MTWeblogIncludeModule module="technorati-tags"$>"? or will that remove the tags themselves?

James says:

Again, what if you use advanced templates and you want your Tech tags invisible? i've tried everything and i can't seem to make them disappear without killing them

Dave Weiss says:


You mean Technorati tags? Go into the Knowledge Base. Search for "entry-list-sticky" and copy the entry-list-sticky code into a new template module.

Remove this line of code from your copy of entry-list-sticky:

< $MTWeblogIncludeModule module="technorati-tags"$ >

In your Main Index Template, find the line that includes the default entry-list-sticky module:

< $MTWeblogIncludeModule module="entry-list-sticky"$ >

Change it to include your customized "entry-list-sticky".

< $MTInclude module="entry-list-sticky"$ >

(I've added extra spaces to the MT commands - remove them)

Follow the same instructions for the "entry-individual" module. The Technorati tags appear there, also.

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