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John T. Unger

Welcome New Readers!

John T. Unger June 7, 2006

I'm seeing a lot of new readers today thanks to being featured on TypePad's homepage. Welcome to TypePad Hacks!

There are four things you can do to help make this blog a better resource for everyone:

  1. Leave comments on the posts to let me know more about what you need. This blog aims to become the best resource possible, and I do take reqests.
  2. Link to this blog from your own blog, so other Typepad bloggers can get involved in the conversation.
  3. Subscribe to the feed, so that you won't miss any of the excitement to come.
  4. Submit hacks, links to third party tools or blogging news, or request a feature that would make TypePad even better.

Thanks in advance!

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Jeff says:

I've been following Typepad Hacks for quite a while, and John means it! He is incredibly responsive and friendly. If he can't solve something, he can put you in touch with others who can. Kudos to Typepad Hacks.

john t unger says:

Thanks, Jeff!

PardonMyFrench says:

Thanks for this site. I wish I found you sooner. You would have saved me a lot of time. THANKS

Mark Green says:

Just found your blog from the front page of TypePad - looks interesting. I've started blogging in order to:
1. stay in contact with friends & familiy &,
2. to learn about how all this stuff works

Looking forward to seeing how your hacks can help me improve 1 by getting a better site, and 2 by helping me understand all the jargon & workings - hopefully without too much screaming & threatening to throw the PC out the window.

john t unger says:


Well, better late than never, eh? Glad you found me today and I hope I have something here that saves you time in the future…


I'm glad you mentioned *why* you blog… I'm going to post a new poll this week to ask exactly that question. I tend to slant towards business, marketing and trying to fix small bits of the world but I'm curious to know what the most common motive is among readers here.

And you're right, a few posts about general stuff like jargon would be a good idea. It takes a while to pick all this stuff up… I can tell by the way some of my less geeky friends eyes have started glazing over when I talk about what I'm up to lately!

angie says:

hey, john! thanks for the link ;o) i was thrilled to see you make the "featured" page. it's a step in the right direction for Typepad! i'm bookmarking your site, now. take care and keep fightin' the good fight!

Simeon says:

Hi John,
Looks like you are working to make TypePad the best blogging tool available. Thanks! I have been recently redesigning the Calabash Music blog at: http://calabash.typepad.com/world_music_advocate/

I am looking for a solution to show an rss feed on a side column from another site that we run. The idea is to show the picture (100x100) and the hyperlinked post title. Any ideas? Have you already hacked this one?

Thanks for your attention!

john t unger says:

Thanks, Angie!

Simeon, you can use Feed2js to create a snippet of javascript that will pull an RSS feed into a notes typelist. The hack is here. There are also a number of tools online that can be used to create feeds for sites that don't have one already.

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