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John T. Unger

Recent Posts and articles on Net Neutrality

John T. Unger June 27, 2006

If you still haven't really looked into why Net Neutrality is important, here are a few recent places where the debate has been aired.

Fred Wilson's thoughts at A VC

Fred explains pretty clearly why the Telecom bill will hurt the internet more than it helps.

A video from Time Berners-Lee, creator of the internet.
Net Neutrality: This is serious

An Internet for the Few or the Many?
Michael Copps has a message for the technology industry when it comes to Net neutrality: Get involved. — CNet News.com

Don't Let the Service Providers Discriminate on the Internet
Two of the Internet's top business innovators made a case for Net Neutrality today in an op-ed written for the San Jose Mercury News. "Reinstating the Internet's core principle of net neutrality won't stand in the way of innovation," write John Doerr and Reed Hastings. "Indeed, net neutrality has, until recently, been the very foundation of Internet innovation." — San Jose Mercury News

Protecting Net Neutrality from the Neutricidal Telcos

For AT&T and Verizon to be screaming for the protection of the free market against Net Neutrality is "sheer hypocrisy," writes Internet guru Cory Doctorow. "They themselves are creatures of government regulation, basing their business on government-granted extraordinary privileges." — Information Week

No Tolls on the Internet
Only a Congress besieged by high-priced telecom lobbyists could possibly consider handing the Internet over to the handful of cable and telephone companies that control online access for 98 percent of the broadband market. — Washington Post

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