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John T. Unger

Poll: Have You Experienced Problems With CoComment's FireFox Extension?

John T. Unger June 13, 2006

I recently blogged about CoComment's new Firefox Extension. I was pretty excited to see it, and really enjoyed not having to use the bookmarklet to track my conversations. Ryan Oelke at Integral Awakening has a great post that goes more into detail as to why CoComment is a useful tool and particularly why the extension for Firefox makes it much easier to use.

However, shortly after I installed the extension I found that Firefox slowed down quite dramatically and started to crash frequently. The first thing I do when that kind of thing happens is remove new extensions to see if they were the cause of the problem. Right now, I'm in the middle of testing so many new things that it can be difficult to figure out exactly which of them (or which combination) is really the issue. Plus, I had upgraded to Firefox on the same day, and for all I know it could have been an issue with new the browser build.

So even though this isn't the most exciting use of a poll, I'd like to ask if anyone else who installed the CoComment extension has experienced problems with Firefox crashing or slowing down. I would be extremely pleased if the answer came back negative, because I'd really like to be using the extension! But on the other hand, if I see a lot of votes saying it's unstable I think I'll have to amend the post to suggest waiting for an updated version of the extension.

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PardonMyFrench says:

I'm with you. Firefox has been crashing more for me now too.

Ryan says:

I'm using FF and it has slowed down quite a bit, especially on sites that use Javascript. Haven't had a crash yet though (says with fingers crossed). It's a shame too because this seems like such a good idea, but it's almost making FF unusable.

What I usually do is leave coComment disabled and enable it when I leave a comment on a blog.

FiveAcres says:

I liked the concept but found my Firefox was crashing every half hour or so. I run Firefox on an AMD 64 with Feisty Fawn Ubuntu, and don't see the problem now that I disabled the add-on. I usually run with a fair number of add-ons without a problem.

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