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John T. Unger

New TypePad Application Feature: Feedburner Integration for Blogs

John T. Unger June 7, 2006

There's a new Feature for TypePad today: FeedBurner integration. Click the image below to enlarge, or just go to Weblogs > Configure > Feeds to check it out live. The best part? If you already use FeedBurner, you can connect any users who may have subscribed to your native TypePad feed to the feed from feedburner, which means you'll now have a much more accurate picture of how many readers are subscribed to your blog. Nice!

New feedburner integration

This allows you to use FeedBurner to serve and manage your feeds from within the TypePad application itself, which is great! I've been using FeedBurner almost as long as they've existed and I totally love them. They're great people, have very responsive tech support and provide a lot of really great metrics, all for free (there's a paid version that gives you access to more data, but I've been more than happy with the basic service). What really makes FeedBurner useful though is the fact that they make it much, much easier for your readers to subscribe to your feed whether they understand RSS or not.

FeedBurner also provides a lot of great related services such as automatically pinging all the major blog search engines when you update your blog, managing advertising services within your feed, and creating feed flare (the cool links at the bottom of each post on this blog that let you email posts, submit them to digg, etc).

I'm very pleased to see the two companies working together so closely… especially because FeedBurner has created a lot of truly innovative ways to extend RSS into a powerful new medium in it's own right. I can't wait to see what happens now that they are working more closely with Six Apart.

If you're not sure what the heck I'm talking about and want to learn more about RSS, follow these links:

And of course, if you haven't subscribed to the feed for TypePad Hacks yet, please do! You might also want to subscribe to the feed for the comments (where it says "join the conversation" in the sidebar) because some of the smartest things said on this blog are said by other people commenting on posts!

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Tom G says:

This is one nifty upgrade. I recently started using Feedburner [based on your recommendation John], and while I've been glad I did, I've still had trouble getting everyone to switch their subscriptions.

This upgrade does all that for me. How it does I have no idea, which makes it all the cooler.

john t unger says:

It's definitely a cool one Tom. I can't wait to see feed flare integrated into basic templates, myself! (hint hint guys…)

What's really gonna be fun for me is to see if the subscriber number goes up radically tomorrow. But, I guess I'll have no way of knowing if it was due to integrating feedburner or getting featured on TypePad. Ah well, either way I guess it'll be fun, right? I'm such a stats junkie these days that I've been keeping 7 stats tabs open in a separate browser on a permanent basis.

Might be time for a technorati twelve step program. Yeah… now there's an idea someone could build a successful blog around!

Tom G says:

Just checked, mine tripled overnight.

Tom G says:

And now it has doubled over that. Basically, I've gone from 25 to 65 to 119. Interesting [to me anyway].

john t unger says:


yep. Mine went from around 209 to 271 to 478. Wow… I'm pretty blown away!

Nuthatch says:

My Feedburner subscriber number also increased. I don't mean to be dumb, but why is this so? I have used Feedburner for many months. I know that daily subscribers fluctuate depending on the hits the various feeds receive, and I can see the various sources. For instance, I can see that the number of subscribers via Bloglines is the same in my Feedburner stats as it is when I look at the number in Bloglines. Are all these extra subscribers those that had the native Typepad feed before?

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