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John T. Unger

coComment Now Has a Firefox Extension!

John T. Unger June 10, 2006

I only just saw this: coComment has released an extension for FireFox.

The extension automatically enables coComment on supported blogs and notifies you if you have new comments in 'Your conversations.'

Why does this totally rock? Well, now if you want to keep track of the comments you leave on other blogs, you no longer need to click the bookmarklet to do so! I'm always forgetting to use the bookmarklet before I post comments, so this is a welcome addition for me.

coComment firefox extension

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Easton Ellsworth says:

I'm one of coComment's biggest fans, so it's great to see you blogging positively about it. Of course the extension isn't perfect, but it's still fantastic and constantly improving.

john t unger says:


I'm definitely in their corner, despite the problems I posted about today. It's a great service, and one I was really jonesing for before they came along.

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