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John T. Unger

TypePad Hacks User Level Poll

John T. Unger May 30, 2006

I am so curious about how people use this blog that you probably can't even imagine it! I even used an exclamation point there, which is normally well outside the style rules I live by on my blogs.

So of course, the first test post using my new account with MajikWidget is a poll that asks how comfortable you are with editing your blog templates. Please do take a second to click one of the answers… I won't know who answered how, but would like to get a rough impression of how many of you fit within each of the categories listed. I'm hoping that this will give me a better idea of the audience I'm writing for and what kind of posts will interest the most people. Thanks!

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Rich Owings says:

I can see the poll, but not the entire box. The bottom, including the submit button is cut off. I can read three choices; looks like there is a fourth. Does the same thing in both FF and IE.

john t unger says:

Rich, it should be fully visible now.

The code generated at MajikWidget automatically specifies height and width… but the settings may need to be altered. I'm not sure if they just insert a standard size, or it the code generator really thought that 165 pixels was high enough to fit the whole poll.

Nuthatch says:

How is it that the results add up to 142%?

john t unger says:


it looks like they've fixed the math. There's a response to this in the comments at guy kawasaki's blog:


First day beta stuff, you know…

On a side note: It would appear that somehow the poll has replaced my technorati favorites in the sidebar… which is very bizarre given that it's not in the same typelist as the javascript for the poll. I'll have to figure that out later when I get home.

Al says:

The poll worked fine for me, and I'm amazed at how fast it was. I'll have to take a look at MajikWidget when I get some time.

jhalpin says:

Hi John, me again from the other MajikWidget post -- I realize I should be sending this question to them, but it may be something you enountered -- I voted on your poll on this page hours ago, cleared cache etc, but still only seeing the results...is this a known issue? I'm looking to implement these types of polls immediately, after finally finding one that would:

-work with advances templates
-not launch a new window
-was mostly customizable
-allow us to position a poll within a post

So thanks again for pointing me over to their site, none of the oll widgets in the TP widget toolbox currently work with advanced templates and the powers that be did not want a sidebar poll...so I was running out of options...any info you may have would be great!



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