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John T. Unger

TypePad Discount Codes

John T. Unger May 15, 2006

UPDATE: The discount codes have all been given out.

I have 25 Discount Codes to give away for new TypePad accounts… The code is good for 3 free months and 20% off lifetime accounts. 

I'd like to have some kind of a contest to give them away but I'm struggling to come up with a good contest idea. Since the discount codes are only good for people who haven't yet tried TypePad, I can't really ask them questions about the service itself.

Anyone have any good ideas? Let me know in the comments. I could just give them away on a first come, first serve basis but it seems like a contest would be more fun and would bring more readers to the blog.

What do you think?

If this goes well, I'm going to try to arrange similar offers for other third party blog applications that existing TypePad users can try out, like ecto.

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Mike Sansone says:

How about...

Ask former TypePad users what feature was lacking when they switched. Provide them a hack AND the discount. Quick thought...I'll continue to ponder...

john t unger says:


A combo deal… Yeah, I like that a lot! I was sort of noodling around something like that idea but hadn't quite put it together as well as you just did.


I'd love to hear some other ideas as well… I suppose I could always offer more than one option, in fact.

Brandon says:

Any chance that you still have one of these referral/discount codes?

Tom D says:

If you have one more of those codes...that would be great?

Paul Martin says:

Any news on this. I know the post is 6mo old but I would be interested if any are still available.


RossWiegand says:

Would you happen to have any of the TypePad discount codes still available?


Austyn says:

I know this was forever ago, but do you still have any left? That would be wonderful. Thanks!

Mat F says:

Hi John,

I'm looking to get started with a blog. I wish Icould get a promo code like you offered in the past. Do you know where and/or how I could get one ?

Thank you.


Brenda says:

I am considering Typepad. I asked the live chat a few questions to help me decide, and I've yet to recieve an answer. I am interested in the free codes, and also some answers to my inquiries! Thanks

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