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John T. Unger

Project Comet (Renamed Vox) Begins User Testing Tomorrow!

John T. Unger May 31, 2006

When Six Apart said that Project Comet was top secret, they really meant it! I had no idea that Comet/Vox would be launching a public beta this week. I just requested an invite so I can let you know more about it after trying it out. In the mean time, there's info and screen grabs over at TechCrunch.

Vox will be a completely separate product from TypePad aimed at users who want a simple blog, now, fast, cheap. From what I can see at TechCrunch, it sort of looks like MySpace with better design control and easier function.

The main features appear to be:

  • Vox will be a free service supported by ads (making it a great place for new bloggers to get started).
  • Really nice WYSIWYG editor for posts (including text justify buttons!) The platform is entirely design wizard based, with no html access at all, which makes it extremely user-friendly but also limited in terms of design.
  • Integration with Flickr, YouTube and Amazon make it easy to post audio, video, book info, etc.
  • Privacy settings on a post by post basis.
  • Enhanced social networking features

I won't go on at any length until I can take it for a spin, but I am kind of excited to try it out. Here's an image of the compose window, taken from TechCrunch:

Vox compose window screen grab

There's more images here and here.

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