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John T. Unger

Submit Your Blog as a Hack Example

John T. Unger April 5, 2006

Update: I've closed comments on this page because it was drawing mostly spam comments, but I'd still like to feature examples of blogs which have used the hacks documented here. If you'd like to show off a nice implementation of a hack, please get in touch with me via the contact page. Thanks.

How would you like to show off what you've done with Hacks you find here?

If you find one of the Hacks useful for your blog, why not leave a comment with your URL so other people can see what you've done? In many cases, seeing how a variety of people have used a hack will be of great value for readers who are trying to decide whether they want to use it, or how they'd like to do so. And it's a good opportunity to promote your own site (I don't mind so long as it's relevant and work safe).

I don't always have a live example of a hack to point readers to. For instance, although I probably will use the three column layout hack I posted recently, I don't have a blog in mind for it currently. So I took screenshots of a test blog to show you how it looks. Although I test each Hack to insure instructions are clear and that potential problems are solved, testing is done on a blog that exists solely for experimentation. There's no point in linking to the test blog… it just has dummy copy and changes radically from time to time, depending on what I tested last.

Heres what I'd like to know when you post a link to your example. This is all optional info, but the feedback is as useful as the example.

  1. Were the instructions easy to follow?
  2. Were you happy with the result?
  3. How did the Hack help you improve your blog?
  4. Did you make any modifications to the Hack?
  5. Any other thoughts or suggestions you might have.

The best place to leave the link would be in the comment section of the post where you found the instructions. That way it'll be easy for people to see the examples when they are reading the instructions.

To be honest, I'm kind of excited to see what people will come up with as more Hacks are added to the blog here. It should be fun to see different uses and interpretations.

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Michael von Heesen says:

Hey, just did you horizontal tool bar.. Check it out!! www.thesandboxkey.com

john t unger says:

Cool, Michael!

You might want to play around a bit with the google search box… I'm seeing it below the menu which was the same problem I initially had. I described a way to fix that for some browsers here: www.typepadhacks.org/2006/05/how_to_put_goog.html

Darla says:

I think the categories and archives drop-down menu is the best hack, at least for people that have a lot of archives. It cleans up my sidebar nicely.

I also applied the new menu bar and even tweaked the color to match my site.

Thanks so much!!

john t unger says:

Thanks Gus… It's funny, I went to look at your site and didn't immediately recognize it until I followed the link to the topic icons. Then I realized that I *had* visited way back when I first was setting up the TypePad Hacks blog. I think there must have been a bit of a redesign on your end since then.

Anyway, thanks for posting the links to your hacks!

Mark says:

Check out my blog, but keep in mind, I'm a beginner, go gentle on me!

Kyle Eslick says:

http://www.kylescove.com is still a work in process, but thanks to many of the hacks found here, its coming around nicely.

I have a couple things I'm working on and will let you know once there ready for sharing as well.

Great work here John!

iPodder says:

Been hacking away at my Typepad blog for the last three weeks.

Mostly style and SEO hacks in Advanced Templates. Specifically dynamic navigation across the top and a lot of embedded seo code carried through all of the pages.


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