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John T. Unger

Hosting HTML Pages with TypePad

John T. Unger April 29, 2006

In my post on creating a landing page, I said:

TypePad doesn't allow you to host HTML pages created outside the blog.

And now I need to issue a correction… because it turns out that you can create standalone HTML pages for your blog, if you're using advanced templates. There's a good clear set of instructions in the TypePad Knowledge Base here. The drawback to the method discussed is that A) it only works for Pro accounts, and B) I'm not sure that I would want to clutter my template directory with too many pages… It seems to me like it would be better to be able to put stand alone HTML files in a separate directory.

There's also a newly updated article in the Knowledge Base on creating additional About pages. It suggests a version for both basic and advanced template users.

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Nuthatch says:

I feel like I'm missing something, perhaps a level of sophistication that people want, whereas I've gone simple.

I created several HTML pages in Composer or FrontPage, which I use to create detailed post indices, sort of one-page category archives that list posts with one-line descriptions. I upload them via the Control Panel's File Manager, and link to them in a Typelist.

They are named "mydomain.com/filename.html" and so you could create any type of lovely landing or about page, and link to it or use it as the main URL. Is this too simple an answer?

john t unger says:


Weird… I had tried it the way that you suggest quite some time ago and found that the pages didn't load. Just tried it again now, and it works.

Uploading HTML via the Control Panel's File Manager, makes it so much easier to organize files into sub-directories, and such. glad you called my attention to the fact that it now works. I wonder why it didn't when I tried it before?


Adina says:

This sounds like a great solution to my landing page dilemma, but would it be possible to create an HTML file for the landing page that somehow previews an excerpt of my most recent blog post in Typepad?


john t unger says:

Hi Adina,

If you take a look at the code in your current index page template, you could bring typepad posts in using the same code in a different index page. Actually, the easiest way to do that is to copy your index template and edit in new or different html where needed. The knowledge base provides a fairly good description of which code does what if you search around a little bit for advanced template tags.

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