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John T. Unger

Blogging Power Tools to Enhance TypePad Blogs

John T. Unger April 30, 2006

I've been meaning to compose a comprehensive list of third party tools and applications that you can use with your TypePad blog. Thing is, there are already so many lists out there, that it makes more sense to point to them than start my own. Every time I find a particularly well-curated list, I'll add it to the Useful Links page here.

One of the best I've seen so far is Darren Rowse' list on this post at Problogger. He invited his readers to submit links to the services they use and they came up with a pretty nice overview. The post is organized well according to function.

Some of my faves would include FeedBurner, SiteMeter, CoComment, Squidoo, del.icio.us, firefoxPFF: Performancing for Firefox, and Performancing Metrics. What are your favorite applications, services, or additions that make your TypePad blog better? How about sharing them in the comments here?

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Johnathon Williams says:

I can't imagine blogging without Ecto. TypePad's compose window is fine for short, quick entires, but anything more substantial demands a desktop client. My main blog has six authors, and editing all of those entries in a web browser would be impossible. The support for adding product pictures and links from Amazon is also a huge time saver.

Not to mention, I've gotten addicted to all the hot-key combinations on the Mac version. I almost never need to touch the mouse anymore. Long live Ecto!

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