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John T. Unger

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John T. Unger March 2, 2006

Contact John T Unger at TypePad Hacks
Mobile: 231.584.2710 Skype: johntunger

Hey, I love to connect with people—That's why I blog in the first place.

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Shawn says:

I have been trying you 3 column hack for sometime with poor results. When I look at all the people who have claimed to use it, I see that only one of them has it up and running on their site. I a fairly versed with changing the css templates. When I contact typepad about it, they say that their is a error in one of the tags. I will deeply appriciate your response. Thnx Shawn

john t unger says:

Hi Simon,

There's no "easy" or "good" way to display the full posts of two blogs on the same page with TypePad, but what you *could* do is combine the following two hacks:

1. create a javascript feed display using Feedburner's buzzboost feature or Feed2JS (as described in this post).

2. Layout a page in HTML that incorporates both feeds. Follow  this set of instructions in the TypePad Knowledge Base to add the HTML page to your TypePad blog (it's easy).

Actually, that should work out pretty well. I'm surprised it never occurred to me before!

Chris says:

You could use SSI includes to display two blogs on the same page - I've described how here: http://www.smallworldmedia.co.uk/weblog/2005/01/quote_me_crossp.html

Kate says:

Great info ... but I don't really have time to learn to execute all these fascinating hacks for my current project.

Do you yourself (or someone you can recommend) make these kinds of modifications to TypePad blogs for other people, for hire? We would like our new series of blogs to be able to grow and evolve, rather than impose an elaborate design on them to begin with.

Modifications wanted soon:
- a page header that is text (for SEO) and also has a background image
- sidebar image-and-text links to the other blogs in the 'network'

Thanks so much for any advice on getting these things done.

Bruce says:

Hi John, I recently found Typepad Hacks and this is a great site. Thanks.w I'm looking for a translator tool for my typepad blog. Are you aware of any?

andrew (tall skinny kiwi) says:

in response to amy's question

i domain mapped my blog successfully but technorati saw, and continues to see two blogs - my orginal typepad.com and my domain name - which only has a small number of links. because my new blog is still quite invisible after one month, and because i have so many links on my first blog, i am probably going to undo my domain mapping and go back to web forwarding.

Danielle, CBB Publisher says:

How can I create a simple version of my site that will be readable on mobile phones, PDAs, etc.? (I use advanced templates.)

Love your site.

Danielle, CBB Publisher says:

How do you get the image next to your comments? Is that something I can implement on my site to show my readers' photos?

Danielle, CBB Publisher says:

Also, how can I create a Comments Archive page like you have?

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